Allergy Assure is a rapid, portable, food allergy detection device. The unobtrusive design gives the affordance for an easy to use system that allows people with allergies to feel safe while eating anywhere. You simply take a small portion of your food and place it in the grove of the device. The device automatically starts reading for a given allergy once the food is placed on it. Using field and lab tested science, Assure quickly reacts and gives feedback in the form of a green light, indicating the food is safe, or a red light which indicates the food contains the allergy. Parents, nannies, and caregivers can now feel assured when feeding children or elders. This personal medical device, easily travels with the user, and comes with an easy to use charging port that you simply place the device on and it begins to charge. Assure strives to make testing for food allergies a more ordinary and ritualistic experience allowing users to live their life to the fullest.
Materials: ABS plastic / powder coat finish
Curve Continuity
We looked at curve continuity and developed a drawing and model from the curve of a wave.
In order to fully understand how plastic medical devices are created, we took apart existing medical devices to see the interior and more closely examine them. 
In order to fully understand what a medical device can do. We did a product review of a medical device. In my case I reviewed a small thermometer. 
I didn't have any pre-conceived notions of what an allergy detective device should look like or feel like. I found there to be a simple on/off switch accompanied by a screen that tells you the temperature of the item you are testing. 
There features an easy-to-use clip so you can have the thermometer right by your side when cooking or going out. 
Because of the simple design, this device is very intuitive and easy to use. You simply stick the pointy end into the food and then check the screen for the results. 
This product is geared towards middle aged families with children. The reason being this demographic makes slightly more money than middle-class working citizens. This demographic is willing to spend the extra money to keep their children and themselves healthy. 
Allergy Assure's biggest competitor is Allergy Amulet. This is a device that detects if nuts are present in food. Customers use this device when they have nut allergies. 
Before prototyping, I wanted to make sure people would be interested in having an allergy detection device. I also wanted some data from people who had allergies already. I wanted to know if it was difficult for them to know or figure out if the food they were eating could potentially be deadly or not. So I sent out a survey.
The results are as follows:  
The first survey asks if it is difficult to find food you aren't allergic too.

The second survey asks if you would be interested in an allergy detection device. 
Created prototypes out of foam board to look at form.